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I have a habit of naming years. If I didn't call 2016 The Year the Chickens Came Home to Roost, I should have. I don't remember what I called previous years, and I'm too lazy to go back through my posts to find them nor to even see how long I've been doing it. I didn't pick the name 2017, I got it from Obama's anger translator, Luther, farewell address sketch. The actual address starts at 2:57.

The video will not embed here so you must view it at Comedy Central.
A Farewell Address from Obama's Anger Translator

By calling 2017 Orange is the New Black year it is apropos on so many levels. President Obama has done a remarkable job despite the enormous amount of shit thrown at him. There were things he did that I strongly did not approve of (like expanding the use of armed drones). Perhaps no president coming in how well intentioned can avoid being compromised by the office. It's not right, but that's the way it is. We already know how compromised our incoming president is going to be. We just don't know how awful it's going to get nor how quickly it will turn awful. It could all go south in less than 100 days. I'd like to be very wrong about what might happen. Better for me to be ridiculed than to see millions of people harmed (like losing health insurance coverage by repealing the ACA).

Update 30 Jan 17: It went to shit pretty fast with the Muslim ban. I'm thinking about changing my mind and calling it The Year That Went to Shit. And the thing is we haven't see the worst yet. I'm going to revise my 100 day time frame to 30 days.
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